BigFlo’s Sungmin under fire for disrespecting Red Velvet on their Music Bank encore stage

Red Velvet recently won first place on Music Bank and on their encore stage, an idol was considered rude to walk by in front of them while greeting his fans.

This idol is BigFlo’s Sungmin.

He later posted an apology on his SNS account, which stated, “I want to send my deepest apologies to the people who were affected by my immature action. I will try my best to deliver a better image in the future.”

Sungmin’s apology

However, many of his fans commented saying that it was ok and he didn’t need to apologize, which is making Red Velvet’s fans very angry.

Below are some comments made by netizens regarding the topic:

  • Who is he?
  • Why would he walk by them? It’s their encore stage.
  • I saw the broadcast of the show, and it actually looked that he had to walk in front of them because there were already too many people in the back. I don’t think he meant anything bad.
  • I’m a fan of Red Velvet, but I think it’s a minor mistake. If he wanted to get attention, he would walk past them slowly, but he walked by very fast and was greeting his fans.
  • It’s ok, as he has apologized.
  • It’s just a small mistake.

So what is your opinion?

Source: Instiz

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