BIGBANG Seungri asked fans to vote for his friend, causing a lot of controversy

It is controversial that BIGBANG Seungri will livestream if Lee Ah Yoon wins the “Miss Maxim Contest,” held by the men’s magazine, Maxim.

Please vote by heart,Seungri said in his Instagram recently. “I will livestream in Instagram in an hour if she wins the first prize,” he added. He left a hashtag #BFF #LeeChoco. “LeeChoco” is Lee Ah Yoon’s nickname.

However, netizens who saw the post said: “There are also young minors among fans who want to go to the website of a magazine with high exposure level to vote“, “There is no manner“, “Why do you ask fans for this?

Some fans claimed that Seungri’s Instagram account was hacked.

However, it seems that his Instagram was not hacked. “It’s not a hacking attempt. I am really close (to win). I have only a few days left before the vote, so Seungri was raised to help me, and I’m sorry if you were offended,” Lee Ah Yoon explained to fans in direct messages.

Currently, Seungri has turned on the private mode in his Instagram account.

Sources: Nate

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