Big3 girl groups: BLACK PINK, RED VELVET become more and more famous while TWICE starts to fall behind?

The condition of three girl groups from Big3: BLACK PINK shows stable growth, RED VELVET becomes more and more famous while TWICE starts to fall behind.

BLACK PINK, RED VELVET and TWICE are three most popular girl groups in K-pop nowadays. Not only do these three groups have stunning visuals but they have also managed to accomplish so many achievements in their career. However, so far, it’s possible to say that among the three groups, BLACK PINK is still showing a consistent growth, RED VELVET is becoming more and more famous while TWICE is the only group which showed signs of slowing down.

BLACK PINK has a stable growth rate

After having debuted officially for 2 years, despite not releasing many musical productions, BLACK PINK has gained many achievements. During each comeback, the group had their shares of accomplishments. Notable, the girls earned their first winning cup only 13 days after “Whistle” was released. BLACK PINK is also the girl group with the fastest record on the music show ever since their debut.

Whistle helped BLACK PINK to earn their first cup in career only 13 days after their debut
Whistle helped BLACK PINK to earn their first cup in career only 13 days after their debut 

BLACK PINK is also the K-pop girl group to achieve No.1 in Worldwide iTunes Album within the shortest time thanks to their single “Square One”. The latest MV of the group “Ddu-du Ddu-du” broke the global male groups BTS and had 200 million views on YouTube in 33 days and 23 hours. BLACK PINK’s mega-hit claimed the No.1 spot in Unique Listener Chart with 1,015,669 counts. (This is the unique count for listeners, each payable account is accounted for one time with one song in a month, despite that person streaming the song many times on Melon)

Red Velvet is becoming more and more popular

Last August 6th, RED VELVET girls came back to the August competition with their MV for “Power Up”. The new hit of the SM girls quickly climbed up the domestic musical charts. Especially, this is also the hit which helped RED VELVET to have the first Perfect All-kill (PAK) in their career, the No.1 spot on every chart in both real-time sections, during their first week of the promotion. Not only so, RED VELVET’s unique listener count on Melon for “Power Up” was 987,862 people within the first hour.

“Power Up” helped RED VELVET to earn their first Perfect All-kill in the career.

It’s true that in comparison with the previous times, this RED VELVET’s comeback is truly impressive and much more successful. The summer MV had a high ranking on every music charts. RED VELVET is also becoming more popular regarding the visuals as well. Regarding the music quality, RED VELVET’s “Power Up” broke all the charts.

TWICE showed signs of falling behind

In 2016 and 2017, TWICE had two impressive comebacks with two hits “Cheer Up” and “Likey”. These two hits claimed the top spots on every music charts and brought TWICE’s reputation to another level. Not stopping there, TWICE’s hits became the most trended keywords in Korean.

Changing their hairstyles and makeup, TWICE members are ready to change to a new concept?
“Cheer Up” and “Likey” was TWICE’s successful hits

However, after the era of “Heart Shaker” and “Dance The Night Away”, TWICE showed signs of slowing down. In Worldwide iTunes Album, “What Is Love?” which was released at the beginning of the year fell down to No. 4 with 899,162 counts. The fans of TWICE still have the right to be proud of their idols because among 10 songs with the highest Unique Listener, 4 of them are TWICE’s songs. The remaining songs are “Cheer Up”, “Knock Knock”, “TT” and “Dance The Night Away”.

twice, dance the night away, billboard
TWICE’s “Dance The Night Away” wasn’t as successful as the previous MVs.

Despite being junior girl groups from Big 3, BLACK PINK, RED VELVET and TWICE had many accomplishments in the music industry. Even the senior groups might have to bow down before the amazing achievements of these groups.

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