Big Hit’s survival show ‘I-LAND’ female version is coming soon: Knet thinks that Bighit is throwing the money that BTS earns around, just to create war

However, there are also opinions that the female survival show will be much more interesting than the male version.

Last night, the reality show “I-LAND” officially ended with the selection of the debut lineup of boy group ENHYPEN. Along with the list of 7 members launched, another topic that made the audience equally interested was Big Hit Entertainment’s new plan for another survival show.

Accordingly, after “I-LAND”, BTS’s management company will begin to work on a survival show for female trainees. Big Hit announced, “We will be holding a global audition soon to look for the girls with potential to become the next generation of global idols. For more details, please visit our website. We look forward to seeing your limitless potential in this audition”. The plan for a female “I-LAND” version has been controversial. Some people think that Big Hit continues to waste the money, that BTS has to work so hard to earn, on meaningless things. Meanwhile, some other think that this is a very desirable plan because survival shows for female trainees are always more interesting.

– Mnet seems to be obsessed with survival shows

– First of all, I hope the trainees are pretty and talented kids, especially without any controversy in the past

– I didn’t watch the male version, but I will watch the female version

– I’m curious about the female version

– I don’t care if they do female I-LAND or not, just stop calling BTS

– Please, stop it!!!!!

– Well, the female version of I-LAND must be fun…

–  I-LAND is just another version of Produce, it seems they just changed the name of the show

– Big Hit is turning into a company that ignores the needs of the fans and the public and just does whatever they want. Well, BTS will have to make even more money for Big Hit

–  I’m looking forward to seeing the kind of female idol Big Hit loves

– So Big Hit’s hobby is spending money like water …?

– Don’t do this … This system only causes fan war between domestic fandoms

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