Big Hit’s strict process to choose leaders for BTS and TXT

Do not choose the oldest, not just based on talent, so how did Big Hit choose the leader for BTS and TXT?

All members hold an important position in a Kpop group, but the soul of a group will always be in the position of leader.  Leaders of Kpop groups are not only talented but also must be able to lead, understand and connect group members together.  In some cases, they are also an important factor affecting the long-term career direction of the group.

Previously, many Kpop groups simply chose the oldest member to be the leader, because they would make the younger members obey.  However, when times change and the role of a leader becomes more and more important in the Kpop industry, management companies also pay great attention to choosing a good leader.  The most typical case is Big Hit (now Big Hit Music).  Their method of choosing a leader is attracting Knets’ attention.

Why RM and Soobin were chosen to be leaders of BTS and TXT?

As we all know, Big Hit has 2 boy groups, BTS and TXT.  BTS’s leader RM (Kim Namjoon) was born in 1994, while TXT’s leader Soobin (Choi Soobin) was born in 2000. Both of them are not the oldest members in the group, so it can be seen that Big Hit does completely not follow the principle of ‘the oldest will be the leader’.  The question is, did the company rely on their talents or ability to lead members?  And how do they make sure they haven’t chosen the wrong person?

In a previous interview, President Bang Shi Hyuk revealed how Big Hit chooses group leaders.  Once the debut line-up was officially formed, they all moved into the dorm together.  During this time, the group will give reviews of each member after 3 to 6 months of living together.  This helps the company determine which members are suitable for being the leader as well as decide the right direction for them.

At another time at the fansign, Beomgyu (TXT) also shared that all members will go through a period of ‘trial’ lasting for a few weeks, when each of them takes turns taking on the role of leader.  The members then give each other points and the person receiving the highest score will become the official leader of the group.

Below is a conversation between Beomgyu and fans about the story of TXT’s leader selection:

Fan: Looks like you said that all the members went through the test of being leaders before debut, right?  What did everyone do at that time?

Beomgyu: We all take turns being leaders for about 2 to 3 weeks.  Then we will judge each other’s scores and the best person will be …

Fan: Are the members grading each other by themselves?

 Beomgyu: That’s right.

 Fan: But Taehyun said that he didn’t take part in the leader test.  Was it that everyone had a choice about what they wanted to try or not, and you did it because you also wanted to try, right?

Beomgyu: Instead of saying I want to do it, I think it would be nice to test the position once.  And this experience will help me understand the feeling of a leader in the future.

 Fan: So who did you score the most?

 Beomgyu: It’s Soobin hyung.

 Fan: Yeonjun is the oldest, but why isn’t he …

Beomgyu: That’s because he’s already doing well as the ‘big brother’ in the group.  And if he was the leader, doing both at the same time is a bit … ‘

The story of how Big Hit chooses the leader has become a hot topic on a Korean online forum.  Many Knets think this is an extremely interesting and fair way to find a worthy leader.  And all the members have the opportunity to prove themselves and to be judged by others on the team. It can be seen as the best way to find a leader who can lead the group well.

On the other hand, giving more people the opportunity to try to be the leader is also a way for them to better understand the responsibilities and pressure of a leader, just as Beomgyu explained.

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