Big Hit’s secret teaser: is this for BTS’s comeback or the start of their new boy group?

Without any warning, Big Hit suddenly “dropped the bomb”, shocked the ARMY community.

Right at 0h (KST) January 9th, Big Hit – BTS’s agency suddenly uploaded a link with a mysterious caption: “What do you do? What do you see?” Fans were curious and stunned at the same time.

Big Hit suddenly released a mysterious snippet.

Different from teasers from before, this time there is no character or anything but two black and white circles colliding along with a 24-hour countdown timer. Too impatient to be able to wait until Jan 10th, many fans have tried to decipher Big Hit’s hidden hint.

Some think that this might be a teaser for BTS’s comeback:

  • When I look at it I immediately think of Serendipity of Jimin. Maybe this will be BTS’s comeback?
  • MAMAMOO then G-Friend then BTS’s comeback. MAMAMOO is done with their promotion, G-Friend is preparing, and it will soon be BTS’s turn!!! These 3 agencies are connected. This theories has proved itself to be true 3 time at least!
  • Seems kinda similar to the “Wings” era!

Many fans looked into the hints and expected BTS to come back soon

However, there are also many fans who have uncovered more and believed that this is the first greeting from the Bulletproof Scout Boys’ junior group:

Pictures of fans looking from the web source and discovered signs of Bighit’s new boy band
  • “I think this is the hints for a new group.
    The first thing is that BigHit’s account posted but bts_bighit did not share, which means it is not related to Bangtan.
    The second is a rumor about the new group named TXT, short for TomorrowXTogether. On BigHit’s website, there is this image with the words You and I, Different but “Together”, there is a high possibility of this speculation.
    The third reason is that the word TXT which looks almost like the infinity symbol. BigHit’s picture also has this icon, recently the choreographer Son also posted photos on Instagram with a caption just this icon. Guess what!”
  • “Is it a new group? The world tour is still unfinished. But it is posted on the Bighit page, not BTS_offical.”
  • “Maybe a new boy band. Heard that they will debut in 2019.”

After the news spread, Bighit responded with: “We can’t reveal anything until they debut. We hope for the understanding of the fans.” Bighit has long been famous for conspiracy theories and mysterious hints, which is difficult yet exciting for fans to guess the true meaning. Although not bewildered, fans are also extremely excited and admire the strange idea but full of meaning of this company. Let’s count down to 10/1 night to see which truth will be revealed!

Sources: k14

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