Big Hit raised controversy for filming when V and Jung Kook were in bad condition

International fans are criticizing Big Hit’s staff for frequently recording when BTS’ members are exhausted.

On April 14, the DVD Speak Yourself in Japan was released. The DVD records behind-the-scenes footage of Japan concert tour of BTS during the summer of 2019. On Twitter, the Army is expressing their dissatisfaction with the privacy and sensitive footage shown on the DVD.

Specifically, Big Hit’s filming team recorded the moments when V and Jung Kook were exhausted backstage. V almost fainted after the performance and was helped by the staff to breathe oxygen, while Jung Kook was lying on the floor out of his breath, his face was twisted with pain. Their fans are heartbroken watching these scenes and claim that Big Hit “shouldn’t release them to make money”. Many fans called for not sharing those videos of V and Jung Kook and sending complaints to Big Hit.

Jung Kook lays down on the floor after the performance, helped by staff to breathe oxygen.

According to the fans, this is not the first time that the sensitive situations or personal moments of BTS’s members are exposed. The moments when the members burst into tears, were in pain and exhausted in the backstage are regularly filmed by the staff and then Big Hit’s post-production team will put on DVDs for release after the tour. The fans think that these moments appear way too much, making them feel that BTS’s privacy is invaded when the members are always filmed anytime, anywhere, even in the worst state.

Some fans have commented: “It’s wrong to invade BTS’s privacy just to prove that they work hard”; “We know this is Big Hit’s fault. They decided to record BTS anytime, anywhere, even when the boys are not feeling well. We want to know a lot about BTS’s behind-the-scenes but at least please respect their privacy”…

“Why does Big Hit always point the camera at BTS when they’re exhausted? There are times when BTS didn’t even know that they were being filmed”; “Big Hit just cares about money. They took advantage of BTS’s vulnerable moments and then made the fans pay to see such painful moments. They even made some fans turn those images into memes and ridiculous jokes online. This is offensive to BTS”; “People have different opinions about behind the scenes but for me, Big Hit doesn’t need to film every moment, we all know what pain BTS has gone through and they are always passionate and put all their efforts on every performance “…

BTS always tries to bring a good image every time they perform.

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