Big Hit Music to provide a full refund to fans who bought BTS’s poor-quality “Butter” cassette tapes

BTS’s management agency has decided to provide a full refund to fans after the controversy over the quality of “Butter” cassette tapes arose.

Big Hit Music recently started shipping “Butter” cassette tapes to buyers. However, some fans who received the product pointed out that it was different from the sample picture.

Fans criticized that the background color of the product in the sample photo is gray but the actual product is white, and the logo printing status is poor as well. As the controversy got bigger, Big Hit Music decided to provide a 100% refund to buyers without any return procedures.

Butter cassestte tape

The agency sent emails to each buyer, explaining “It has been verified that products with significant differences with the item shown on the product page have been shipped out to our customers, and we examined the cause of this problem through the overseas manufacturer that was tasked with importing this product. Due to an error by the local importer and manufacturer, we discovered that a certain number of products with different options were produced and shipped.”

Butter cassestte tape

They added, “Please accept our sincere apology for not making sure that, as final seller, we conducted a sufficiently thorough inspection of the final product. Since additional and timely production is currently not impossible, we will provide a 100% refund of this product without returns.” It is reported that all of the cassette products in question were produced in the United States.

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