Big Hit Music side “There is no copyright problem with BTS’ ‘Butter'”

The group BTS side has released an official statement regarding the suspicion about their foreign composer’s double contract for the single ‘Butter’.

“We have confirmed that there are no copyright issues with ‘Butter’. It is a song that has been finalized and released after undergoing the process of confirming with all the composers that there are neither problems with the song nor problems currently in terms of the song’s rights.

However, we have been aware of the claim that there is an issue with copyrights, and even so, we would like to inform you that the musical rights remain reserved under ‘Butter’.”

It has been known that Luca Debonaire, previously known as a Dutch DJ and composer, recently claimed that the chorus of ‘Butter’ is similar to a part of her song ‘You Got Me Down’, which was released in March of last year.

This raised questions of potential copyright issues with the songwriter Sebastian Garcia having the same topline used in two separate songs. Sebastian Garcia, the original songwriter for ‘You Got Me Down’, is listed as a composer in the ‘Butter’ credit. Luca Debonaire also admitted, “I bought the topline from Sebastian Garcia in 2019”. 

BTS‘ ‘Butter’, which was released on May 21st, is a song composed by several foreign composers, not only Sebastien Garcia, but also Rob Grimaldi, Stephen Kirk, Ron Perry, Jenna Andrews, and Alex Bilowitz. About RM – BTS’ leader, he didn’t relate to this issue as he only participated in writing the lyrics for some parts, such as the rap part, not the controversial chorus.

Source: Nate

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