Big Hit denied the rumor of BTS RM dating a chaebol girlfriend

Following V and Jungkook, BTS RM was also involved in dating rumors that started via Youtube.

BTS’s agency, Big Hit Music, told SpoTV News on December 31st, “RM’s dating rumor is not true”.

On December 30th, a video titled, “BTS RM♥Chaebol Girlfriend, Reveal 9 Lovestagram Evidence For The First Time”, was uploaded on the Youtube channel “탈덕 수용소”.

In the video, this Youtube said, “The fact that RM has a girlfriend is really famous among fans who have the ability to get information”, adding, “The moment when RM was nervous because he forgot that he was wearing a ring on his fourth finger during a broadcast has been known by overseas fans as well”.

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The Youtuber claimed that RM has been dating a same-age girlfriend – A since 2019, and the two got to know each other thanks to one thing in common, which is art. It is also said that A’s mother is really famous in the art world.

On September 12th, RM uploaded photos of an exhibition and a poodle on his official SNS to celebrate his birthday. It was an exhibition at PMK Gallery, and coincidentally, A also posted a photo at that place and wrote “just the two of us” on her SNS earlier on September 5th.

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This Youtuber pointed out that RM’s pet dog is a Spitz and raised suspicions about the Poodle RM unveiled for the first time. It is also said that A posted pictures of a Poodle, which looked the same as the one in RM’s post, on her SNS before.

The account of the exhibition site that RM posted on SNS in October was followed by A, and the two posted photos of the moon side by side on SNS at the same time in September last year. In addition, RM and A posted photos of Ilsan Lake Park in Gyeonggi-do, Korea on SNS at the same time. A even used the purple heart emoticons, a symbol of BTS, when posting photos of gifts from her boyfriend. These were cited as the basis for their dating rumors.

In addition, A posted a Christmas tree photo on SNS on December 16th while RM posted a Christmas tree photo on SNS on December 17th, the next day. On SNS, RM posted a photo taken in front of the stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, which A also followed on Instagram.

The YouTube channel also pointed out that it is not easy for A to post photos of New York in the current situation of the pandemic on social media. It also added that there are many photos of hotels on A‘s SNS, but there are also photos of super-high-end penthouses that are generally difficult to go to often, speculating that she can go to these places because she is dating RM.

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However, Big Hit Music made it clear that the dating rumor was not true. In particular, this YouTuber is a person who previously raised rumors of BTS’s V and Jungkook being in a relationship. V was suspected to be dating the daughter of a group chairman famous for his hotel resort, and Jungkook was claimed to be dating actress Lee Yoo-bi, but both sides said it was “groundless.”

In particular, Big Hit Music announced on December 29th that it had sued some additional haters, saying, “We are strongly legally responding to acts that attack our artist’s personality and promote malicious rumors without evidence.”

A day after Big Hit Music‘s warning that “We are taking all possible measures against YouTube and DC Inside accounts that repeat these actions,” rumors of RM‘s romantic relationship on YouTube were raised again, leading to criticism from fans over the YouTuber.

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