Big Bang Daesung’s building is suspected of drug distribution

Illegal entertainment businesses inside a building owned by Big Bang Daesung have been detected.

Big Bang Daesung's building is suspected of drug distribution

According to Channel A on July 28th, drugs are reportedly circulating at entertainment establishments operating in Daesung‘s building.

Specifically, the reporters pretended to be guests and asked for marijuana, which is an illegal drug in South Korea, and the employee said, “Let me check. I know about all the sources, so please text me your number.

It’s a structure where the employees, instead of the customers, contact the drug distributors. This means that it has been secretly supplied only to VIP guests to avoid crackdowns.

Police have also obtained intelligence in March that drug dealing was happening inside the building. “At the time, there was information that drugs were imported through direct buying from overseas and distributed to customers on the fifth floor of the building,” a police official told Channel A. “We investigated the building’s custodian and others, but we closed the case soon after because there was no suspicion.”

Police are reviewing whether drugs are being circulated at the adult entertainment establishment inside the building after the report from Channel A.

Source: nate

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