BIG 3 maknae line’s impressive visuals at year-end events: Who is the most outstanding?

The youngest members of BIG 3 groups have one by one wowed KPOP fans with their amazing performances at the events to celebrate the end of 2021.

Known as the BIG 3 companies in the Korean entertainment industry, SM, JYP and YG always arouse keen interest. Among all BIG 3 artists, the maknae-line idols are always in the center of attention. Especially in this year-end music festival season, they drew admiration from fans and amaze netizens with their outstanding visuals.

BIG 3 maknae line impressive visuals
The maknaes of BIG 3 boasted their impressive appearances at the year-end events

SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment, which is called “the flower garden of KPOP”, has never disappointed fans when it comes to the “visual” of their idols. The youngest in each SM group has their own image and attractiveness. At the moment, Red Velvet Yeri and aespa Ning Ning are the two most outstanding maknaes. Both have made headlines and created hot topics after attending some year-end events with their charming appearances.

BIG 3 maknae line impressive visuals
Each maknae of SM group has their own charms

With her lovely face, Yeri always shows up on stage with a bright and energetic image regardless of the outfit. Most recently, Yeri drew attention when attending the 2021 SBS Gayo Daejun in a pure white dress with special accessories that gave off a winter vibe. This combination helped the youngest of Red Velvet look cuter like a snow princess.

BIG 3 maknae line impressive visuals
Yeri’s dazzling beauty at the 2021 SBS Gayo Daejun

Following her senior, aespa’s maknae Ning Ning also surprised netizens and drew compliments for her visual at the recent performances. Most comments praised that Ning Ning’s facial features have become more distinctive. This has helped her image look more mature and fashionable. Appearing at the year-end events this year, Ning Ning was often seen wearing off-the-shoulder outfits to boast her sexy shoulder lines.

BIG 3 maknae line impressive visuals
Ning Ning’s youthful and sexy beauty

JYP Entertainment

In the last days of the year, JYP female idols also create a visual explosion at events and on stages. Currently, ITZY’s Yuna is one of the most outstanding girl group members when it comes to visuals. The 19-female-idol has a dazzling and sweet appearance. In particular, whenever she appears on the red carpet wearing evening gowns, ITZY’s maknae wows netizens with her stunning visuals. 

BIG 3 maknae line impressive visuals
Yuna’s figure also wows netizens  

When showing up at SBS Gayo Daejun as one of the MCs, Yuna wore a simple yet elegant white off-the-shoulder gown. With her breathtaking and flawless beauty, Yuna took social media by storm that night. 

BIG 3 maknae line impressive visuals
Yuna constantly trended on SNS for her appearance at SBS Gayo Daejun 2021

Although she did not attend as many year-end events as her juniors, Tzuyu‘s impact when it comes to visuals does not decrease. Over the weekend, at TWICE’s Seoul concert as part of their 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘III’, Tzuyu created a stir online thanks to her top-notch visuals with a mid-bob haircut. 

BIG 3 maknae line impressive visuals
Tzuyu boasts outstanding visuals at TWICE’s concert

After 7 years of debuting, this is the first time Tzuyu has had a short haircut. Tzuyu’s pretty photos were spread like crazy on social media after TWICE’s concert took place. The keywords related to her new look also climbed to the top of Twitter worldwide trending and trended in many countries such as Vietnam, Brazil, the US and the Philippines.

BIG 3 maknae line impressive visuals
Tzuyu’s pretty look is spread all over SNS

YG Entertainment

Different from the maknaes of SM and JYP, BLACKPINK’s Lisa is barely engaged in any activities at the end of this year. However, the female idol is still able to capture the hearts of BLINKs with a special treat. 

Recently, Lisa released the Christmas version of a dance performance video for her hit MONEY. In the video, the youngest member of BLACKPINK transforms into a gorgeous ice queen, playfully performing the choreography with her backup dancers.

BIG 3 maknae line impressive visuals
Lisa’s pretty Christmas look 

Lisa rarely updates her SNS, but every time she does, the Thai “living doll” takes fans’ breath away with her pretty face and perfect body proportions. 

BIG 3 maknae line impressive visuals
Lisa is total body goals

Having different visuals, but the maknaes of BIG 3 exude their own charm and all leave a strong impression in the hearts of the audience at the end of the year.


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