Best dresser Jung Hae-in vs Worst dresser BLACKPINK Jisoo

Stars always shine in public with their perfect visuals.

It would be nice to have both great appearance and style, but there are stars who make fans feel sorry for their lack of fashion sense. However, official occasions still attract attention because you can see stars’ welcome faces. Let’s take a look at stars’ outfits at events from best to worst.

korean actress

▲ Thumbs up!

jung hae-in

JTBC’s “Snowdrop” Production Presentation_Jung Hae-in appeared at the production presentation with his CG-like visual. He showcased a perfect suit look that could be called a textbook for suits. Jung Hae-in, who chose a three-piece suit that fit his body perfectly as if measured with a ruler, completed a simple yet impressive suit styling by adding points such as double-breasted vest, subtle cross motif brooch…

▲ Beautiful!

kwon nara

tvN’s “Bulgasal: Immortal Souls” Production Presentation_Kwon Nara‘s outfit was not boring with various details. It was a button-up black mini dress with a simple shirt motif, which was nothing special in terms of design, but the details were highlighted with silver accessories such as thin enamel belt, earrings and rings. On top of that, Kwon Nara wore Mary Jane shoes with a point toe design embroidered with thick beaded decorations to complete the perfect styling from the tip of her toes. 

▲ So-so

lee dong-wook

tvN’s “Bad and Crazy” Production Presentation_It seems that Lee Dong-wook was not 100% successful in hunting women’s hearts at this event. He showed a neat suit look by layering a light gray check pattern suit with black turtleneck and enamel-based derby shoes, but the suit made Lee Dong-wook look slightly old when combined with wavy hair that exposed his forehead.

▲ Who’s the coordinator?

lee jin-wook

tvN’s “Bulgasal: Immortal Souls” Production Presentation_Lee Jin-wook appeared at the production presentation with an unconventional half-sleeved jacket that further highlighted his broad shoulders. Half-neck white pullover, long strap-detailed pants, casual loafers and all the trendy details exuded a unique atmosphere, but his five-to-five wavy hair did not create a beautiful harmony with the wild styling.

▲ Oh, no!

JTBC’s “Snowdrop” Production Presentation_BLACKPINK Jisoo was pretty as usual, but it seems that she was not used to appearing in public as an actress. The dress styling made Jisoo‘s shortcomings stand out, causing disappointment. Taking advantage of the characteristics of a historical drama, she chose a velvet mini dress with a retro mood, but the skirt’s ambiguous length as well as layered details made her legs look short and chubby.

blackpink jisoo
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