Besides BTS, TWICE also has a predestined relationship with another Big Hit’s boy group

Seems like TWICE has a predestined relationship with this Big Hit boy group when they keep making comebacks at the same time

BTS and TWICE are famous for many similarities in their comeback schedules and song promotions.  Fans are extremely excited at the interaction moments of these two top Kpop groups. However, not only BTS but TWICE also has a predestined relationship with another boy group.  Fans have pointed out that the girls have many times competed directly with SEVENTEEN – a boygroup under HYBE Corp (former Big Hit Entertainment).

1. Cheer Up – Pretty U

TWICE and SEVENTEEN’s “first meeting” was on April 24, 2016.  The girls had their first comeback since their debut with the MV Cheer Up.  On the same day, SEVENTEEN also released the song “Pretty U”.

Coincidentally, these are both songs marking the first win on music shows of both TWICE and SEVENTEEN.  At the end of the promotion, Cheer Up got 11 wins, Pretty U took home 2 trophies.

Cheer Up quickly became a hit with its catchy, upbeat melody and easy-to-follow choreography.  The song has earned TWICE the Perfect All-kill certificate in the digital music field.  As for SEVENTEEN, Pretty U also has a stable record when continuously reaching the top 25 on Melon after 1 week.

2. Signal – Don’t Wanna Cry

TWICE released Signal on May 15, 2017.  Exactly one week later (May 22, 2017), SEVENTEEN released the song “Don’t Wanna Cry”.  So once again, both groups continue to face each other directly on music shows as well as digital music segments. 

Among the times when competing on music shows, TWICE and SEVENTEEN faced off 6 times, SEVENTEEN won 4 times, TWICE won 2 times.

At that time, Don’t Wanna Cry was very warmly received by the public.  The song has trendy music, an addictive chorus, and impressive choreography – considered SEVENTEEN’s most successful work at that time.  Meanwhile, TWICE’s Signal continued to achieve All-kill Realtime on Korean music sites, with great achievements in the album segment when selling more than 42,000 copies on the first day of release.

3. Dance The Night Away – Oh My!

In 2018, TWICE and SEVENTEEN continued to compete directly with two songs “Dance The Night Away” (TWICE) released on July 9 and Oh My!  (SEVENTEEN) released on July 16.

Dance The Night Away is the summer greeting MV in the album Summer Night of the JYP girls.  The song also has a lively and sweet atmosphere. SEVENTEEN’s Oh My! also has a youthful rhythm when it mentioned the innocent love and enthusiasm of youth.

4. Feel Special – Fear

The time when TWICE returned with MV Feel Special (September 16, 2019) was also the time when SEVENTEEN made a second comeback of the year with Fear (September 23, 2019).  Only 1 week apart, both groups brought back different achievements for this promotion.

Feel Special with a new music style is TWICE’s strong point.  This MV helped TWICE set their own new record for the number of likes after 24 hours of release.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN’s Fear with its R&B genre and heavy bass sounds is an explosion from melody to the concept.  At that time, the album An Ode became the 4th album by a boy group to reach 500,000 copies in the first week.  SEVENTEEN follows in the footsteps of EXO and BTS, becoming one of the “Kings of Album”. 

5. More & More – Left & Right

On June 1, TWICE returned with More & More.  The song has the typical youthfulness of TWICE and also brings the girls many remarkable achievements.  With More & More, TWICE led the real-time charts of four major digital music sites, Melon, Genie Music, Bugs, and Soribada.  The album’s first day sales exceeded 260,000 copies.

With a vibrant and energetic melody, SEVENTEEN’s “Left & Right” was released on June 22.  The song conveys a positive message, encouraging young people to reach their dreams with their own strength and faith.  Within the first 24 hours, the MV Left & Right reached more than 6 million views, more than 820 thousand likes on YouTube and was also the group’s best achievement at that time.

6. I Can’t Stop Me – Home;Run

TWICE and SEVENTEEN’s most recent clash was also their comeback at the end of 2020. On October 26, 2020, TWICE released I Can’t Stop Me.  Previously, SEVENTEEN released the MV “Home;Run” on October 19.

“I Can’t Stop Me” is the song that marks the first time after 3 years that TWICE has returned with a full album.  Right after its release, the MV officially entered the top 5 MVs with the highest number of views on the first day of TWICE. The song has a retro sound mixed with the electronic sounds of European music.

With Home;Run, the HYBE boy group leads viewers into a unique and fun space.  This is also a retro song.  Before the official release, this album has reached 1.1 million pre-order copies.

twice & seventeen

In the near future, perhaps both groups will continue to make their comebacks at the same time. TWICE has set comeback dates on June 9 and June 11 respectively with the mini-album Taste Of Love.  Previously, there was also a rumor that the HYBE’s boy group will also come back this June. Stay tuned for both groups’ comeback this time!

Source: K14

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