Being together for 7 years, Lee Da Hae has just admitted that she “has a baby” with Se7en?

After a long time of being in love with the famouspopular male singer Se7en, Lee Da Hae made headlines for suddenly publishing images of her “baby” on Instagram.

Up to now, Lee Da Hae and male singer Se7en have been together for 7 years. Fans are looking forward to a romantic wedding, marking a happy ending for the couple.

While fans were eagerly anticipating, yesterday (September 9), Lee Da Hae suddenly posted a series of photos wearing a floral dress, posing in front of the sea, with the caption “Mommy is very happy with our Grayton.” The actress’s caption made people extremely curious about Grayton. Many people wonder if it is the child of Lee Da Hae and Se7en. This news even made it to the Top 1 of the Naver portal today (September 10).


However, netizens were taken aback when they realized that the “kid” the actress mentioned was actually her pet dog.

In 2017, Lee Da Hae and Se7en announced that they had been dating since 2015. Initially, the couple’s love story was not supported by the audience since before that, Se7en had a 12-year relationship with Park Han Byul. Moreover, at that time, the male singer was also involved in a serious scandal as he and rapper Sangchu were caught visiting an adult massage parlor while serving their mandatory military duty. 

Despite many ups and downs, the couple managed to stay together for many years. The crowd has been now supportive of the couple’s love story. Se7en would not hesitate to express his affection for his girlfriend when appearing on TV shows, leaving many people envious of the couple’s sweetness.

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