Being on a diet for 8 years, Moon Byul never had a yoyo effect

Moon Byul’s secret diet tips are getting attention from the public.

Mamamoo appeared on SBS Power FM’s “Choi Hwajung’s Power Time” which aired on March 19. On the show, one audience asked Moonbyul to share her diet tips.

Choi Hwa Jung was very surprised and asked Moon Byul, “Did you lose weight?”. She thought Moon Byul always had a slim body.

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Replying to Choi Hwa Jung, Moon Byul said, “Yes. I lost 15 kilograms. I had gained a lot of weight before I joined the company“. She also explained the reason for her weight loss, “The company said they would give me a chance to be a trainee only when I lose weight.

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Regarding the diet tips, Moon Byul said, “I didn’t come out of the room. My main diet includes milk and sweet potatoes”, and added, “I had milk and sweet potatoes for breakfast, sweet potatoes, cereals and milk for lunch and boiled eggs and sweet potatoes for dinner.

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In the summer, I danced in the room with long sleeve sweater on. I succeeded in losing weight in a month like that,” she said, surprising everyone else.

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