Being mocked as Girls’ Generation floppest member, Jessica simply replied with her luxurious travelling life

Jeesica is compared with a bird due to her endless schedule which requires Jessica to fly between many countries in the matter of days.

If there is anyone who questions what is the purpose of having lots of money, Jessica will answer for them.

Taking a look at Jessica’s SNS, anyone would be in awe at how luxurious her life is. Apart from photos of fashion magazines, updates about her singing career and business,…she also showcases her rich life with which she can easily fly around the world any time.

She was just in South Korea, Hong Kong but immediately check-in at New York the next day, followed by Canada, Spain, Greece,…it might takes days to list out the countries she has been at.

As an artist and the Creative Director of her own fashion brand, Jessica is destined to travel all the time.

Even though her music career was quite a flop after she left Girls’ Generation, Jessica is still a successful businesswoman. Famous for her high-class fashion sense, this female singer has left many deep impression in the fashion world and is always invited to the events of many big brands.

Netizens are in awe at how Jessica has checked in at many luxurious destination all around the world.
Netizens are in awe at how Jessica has checked in at many luxurious destination all around the world.

Also, last year, Jessica has signed a contract with United Talent Agency to prepare for her road to America. Due to her job which is music, acting, doing business and attending fashion events, Jessica is always on the go.

Everywhere she goes, Jessica always used some time to stroll around, check in and dine at famous destinations. Whatever they said, a flop or not, Jessica is still living a proud luxury life.

Check-in at a high-class restaurant in Paris.
Then flied to Barcelona, Spain to start her vacation.
Strolling around at famous places.
Moving to Los Angeles for breakfast.
Before arriving in Switzerland.

Even though she is mocked as a flop singer after her departure from Girls’ Generation, it’s hard to deny that Jessica is extremely successful in another field. And what’s important is that, she is happy with her luxurious and rich life.

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