Being criticized for letting WANNA ONE disband on Daehwi’s birthday: Swing spoke out!

After a series of Korean news saying the last WANNA ONE concert falls on Lee Daehwi’s birthday, Swing Entertainment has talked about this.

On the afternoon of November 13th, Korean media reported on WANNA ONE’s final concert before the disbandment. Specifically, the final stage will take place in 3 days 27, 28, and 29/1. But according to the information above, although WANNA ONE‘s disbandment was delayed a month compared to the previous schedule of December 31, fans were not very happy. The reason is that January 29 is the birthday of the member Lee Daehwi. Of course, Lee Daehwi’s 18th birthday must be a happy day, but it suddenly becomes a sad day for both WANNA ONE members and WANNABLE.

Lee Daehwi

Shortly after the news was posted, Swing received opposition from the fans. With the opposite opinion, recently this company has also spoken about this: “The contract extension of the members is still being discussed, the date of the final concert has not yet been decided.” So, probably, there will not be a final concert for WANNA ONE as the expectations of fans.

Besides, also in this afternoon, WANNA ONE has continued to release the teaser MV for the album “1¹¹ = 1” (POWER OF DESTINY). Other than the previous MV, the final product of WANNA ONE will be a sad song with heartbreaking lyrics.
Teaser MV 봄바람 – WANNA ONE.

Source: Saostar

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