Being caught illegally filming the inside of 5 female teachers’ skirts, a high school student was forced to transfer to another school

A high school student in Cheongju was arrested by the police on the charge of illegally filming the inside of 5 female teachers’ skirts with a mobile phone.

According to the police’s report on September 17, the Cheongju Sangdang Police Station, Chungcheongbuk-do, is investigating A, a 3rd-year high school student in Cheongju, for the accusation of illegally filming female teachers’ bodies.

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In particular, A is accused of secretly photographing the lower bodies of 5 female teachers from July to September. Recently, A was caught filming the inside of a teacher’s skirt by inserting a mobile phone camera between her slippers and feet.

According to a report from Maeil Business Newspaper, on September 7, while answering questions from a student, B – a teacher of this school, felt something behind her back. She turned around and saw the inside of C’s skirt was being filmed by a cellphone inserted between her slippers and feet.

A denied the crime, saying, “I did nothing.” However, hundreds of videos and photos of 5-6 female teachers were found on his phone.

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It was found out that A created secondary products by photoshopping the videos and other obscene photos. Moreover, A was revealed to have kept many illegal filming materials on his phone’s ‘cloud’, such as photos that captured specific parts of female bodies and videos recorded the inside of their skirts. However, the data were not distributed to the 3rd parties.

Meanwhile, on September 15, the school where A is attending held a teachers’ rights protection committee and imposed a forced transfer on this student. It is known that the committee didn’t expel A because they “considered the future of the student”.

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