Before Son Ye Jin, this person made homemade meals for Hyun Bin everyday

Netizens brought up old remarks of Hyun Bin after Son Ye Jin published photos of her home-cooked food

Recently, netizens got extremely excited after Son Ye Jin published photos of her home-cooked meals on Instagram. According to the actress, she has been attempting a lot of new dishes she has never cooked before.

As a result, netizens are envious of Hyun Bin, who gets to enjoy Son Ye Jin’s food, and started to bring up his past remark about his eating habit. In particular, Hyun Bin once revealed that before his marriage, he used to eat homemade breakfast everyday, made by none other than… his male manager.

The actor shared that since his schedules are hectic, the manager would make Hyun Bin kimbap, which he ate every morning.

At this, many people expressed their shock, while at the same time praising the manager for going out of his way to take care of Hyun Bin. 

Some even joked that Son Ye Jin is trying to replace the manager’s homemade kimbap, seeing that the actress put a photo of her kimbap before all other dishes. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • He looks so happy, bragging about the manager’s home cooked meal..
  • Turns out Hyun Bin’s first “wife” is actually his male manager
  • The manager of Hyun Bin’s work and also his stomach
  • Sir manager, you have worked hard! Son Ye Jin can assist you now!

Hyun Bin’s upcoming movie “Confidential Assignment 2” recently released its teaser and is ready to greet the public. The film, which embraces the complex relationship between South and North Korea, promises to grasp the attention of audiences with its satisfying action sequences and intense plot. 

Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin seems to be taking a break as she’s newly pregnant. Her movie “Cross”, is delaying its production due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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