Before being assaulted by her boyfriend, Goo Hara was also a victim of school bullying

Goo Hara once shared that she had to transfer school many times because she was bullied by older female classmates due to being too popular with the male students.

The news of Goo Hara being brutally assaulted by her boyfriend to the point of her being bruised and her uterus bleeding is still shocking the public. The injuries Goo Hara revealed made the Korean netizens unable to hold their tears. Not only that, her boyfriend Jong Bum even threatened to ruin Hara’s celebrity career with the information he was holding.

Many fans also recalled the story when Goo Hara had written about her being the victim of bullying in school. On KBS’s “Nocturnal” (2010), Goo Hara shared that she had been brutally bullied because of her popularity at school:

“Actually, it was a tough time for me, I had to change schools many times because the girls hated me.”

Goo Hara used to study at an art high school and became famous for her beauty. One time when she got low blood sugar before a performance, Goo Hara was given a chocolate by a boy. One girl who loved this guy was jealous and rushed to push Hara and pull her hair. She also shared that she felt like she almost died at that time.

The girl continued: “When I was in school, I was quite popular with men. There was always a distinction between the “new one” and the “old one”, because of the attention, I got beaten up by an older female student and fainted. During the break, she broke into the classroom and beat me.

Hara’s sharing left the community feeling anxious. School violence is the national disaster of the country. Many victims have committed suicide due to bullying. Fortunately, Goo Hara has overcome that obsession.

Hopefully the authorities will soon announce the results of the investigation to return the justice to Goo Hara!

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