Becoming the first girl group to do this in 2019, TWICE surpassed the all-time record of Girls’ Generation

TWICE has just surpassed the record of a veteran senior in the field of albums sales.

Recently, TWICE came back with their 7th mini album “FANCY YOU” and the title track “FANCY”. After 4 days (April 23rd – 26th), this album sold 122.204 copies on Hantel, far surpassed their own best record 2 years ago with the album “twicetagram” (113.801 copies in 4 days).

TWICE is the first girl group of 2019 to receive a Platinum Certificate on Gaon for more than 250.000 copies of “FANCY YOU”.

On Gaon (the most precise and prestigious album sales calculating system in South Korea), “FANCY YOU” sold 314.323 copies in the first 3 days (April 23rd – 25th). Thanks to this, TWICE has become the first girl group in 2019 to receive a Platinum (more than 250.000 copies) from Gaon.

Also, TWICE has just broken the record of the girl group with the highest Korean album sales in this country with more than 3,75 million copies (12 albums). This record once belonged to the 1st generation girl group of SM – S.E.S with 3,56 million copies. The remaining 3 spots in the top 5 are Girls’ Generation (2,79 million copies), Fin.K.L (2,38 million copies) and Baby V.O.X (1,86 million copies).


Source: kenh14

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