Beautiful Korean actress who are often called out for stiff acting

No matter how pretty they are, the viewers can’t help but be tired with their awkward on-screen performances.

1. Shin Se Kyung

Being given the nickname “Stiff Shin” by many viewers is enough to describe how awkward the acting performance of the actress is. Despite having the opportunity to take on the female lead roles in dramas with interesting storylines, Shin Se Kyung can only show a single expression, while looking tired, lacking energy and flexibility. Many viewers think that with her outstanding visual, Se Kyung suits being a model, rather than an actress.

2. Han So Hee

Han So He is one of the visual goddesses of the new generation’s Korean actors. Since the day she became famous thanks to the mistress role in the hit TV series The World of the Married, Han So Hee has been noticed by many producers and received different offers to star as the female lead in potential scripts, but her acting still bothers many viewers. Her expression is claimed to be quite bland, whether crying, laughing or angry, she fails to successfully convey the emotions so that viewers can feel for her characters. 

3. Goo Hye Sun

Famous throughout Asia thanks to the hit drama Boys Over Flowers, Goo Hye Sun has not starred in any other works over the years that could surpass that one golden milestone of her career. She once admitted that she still lives off the money she made from BOF, which is understandable when she hasn’t achieved any outstanding success with her later roles. She is even dubbed the “rating poison” because she can’t improve her on-screen expressions for many years, causing her dramas to fail to achieve satisfactory results.

4. Lee Yeon Hee

SM’s actress Lee Yeon Hee is a famous case of awkward acting in Korea. After giving up the opportunity to become a member of SNSD to follow an acting path, she had the chance to take on the lead role in several popular series, but no matter how great the production crew and her male co-stars such as Jang Dong Gun or Hyun Min are, they couldn’t carry the actress’s poor acting skills. 

Sources: kenh14.vn

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