Beating No.2 BLACKPINK and No.3 Son Heung Min, BTS ranks No.1 in the 2022 October Star Brand Reputation Ranking

The result of the big data analysis on star brand reputation in October 2022 has been released.

The Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation announced the October Star Brand Reputation Ranking on November 5th. The ranking resulted from the analysis of 206,088,109 star brand big data units from September 30th, 2022 to October 30th, 2022 with the measurement of the participation index, media index, communication index, and community index. Compared to the September brand big data of 204,446,045, the figure in October increased by 0.80%.

Accordingly to the announcement, the names in TOP 30 of the October 2022 Star Brand Reputation Ranking are BTS, BLACKPINK, Son Heung Min, IU, Im Young Woong, Kim Min Jae, Girls’ Generation, Kim Yu Na, NewJeans, Yoo Jae Seok, TWICE, IVE, EXO, Kang Daniel, NCT, Red Velvet, Park Eun Bin, Seventeen, Lee Chan Won, Young Tak, Baek Jong Won, Tae Yeon, (G)I-DLE, Kim Ho Joong, Lee Jung Jae, Kim Hye Soo, Cha Eun Woo, Lee Hyo Ri and Yoona.

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No.1 BTS brand was analyzed with an overall brand reputation index of 9,921,620 (Participation index 1,045,173; Media Index 2,055,911; Communication index 2,318,415; Community index 4,502,121). Compared to BTS brand’s result in the September ranking (7,991,418), it was an increase of 24.15%.

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In the case of No.2 BLACKPINK brand, the girl group achieved a total brand reputation index of 6,565,540 (Participation 474,842; Media 851,224; Communication 2,028,193; Community 3,211,281). Compared to BLACKPINK brand’s record in September (10,134,444), this month’s figure saw a decrease of 35.22%.

Son Heung-min

No.3 Son Heung Min brand was analyzed based on a total index of 6,434,523 (Participation 1,278,827; Media 1,663,136; Communication 1,329,480; Community 2,163,081). This brand recorded a fall of 7.97% from its result in the September ranking.

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The No.4 brand IU was revealed with an overall brand reputation index of 6,331,900 (Participation 695,823; Media 1,139,773; Communication 1,450,219; Community 3,046,086). IU brand witnessed went down 2.19% from its brand reputation result of 6,473,901 in September.

Im Young Woong

No.5 Im Young Woong brand was analyzed with a total index of 6,059,274 (Participation 1,412,881; Media 987,658; Communication 1,480,005; Community 2,178,730) and recorded a fall of 1.58% from its September result (6,156,314). 

The brand reputation index is an indicator created through brand big data analysis on consumers’ online habits that have great influences on brand consumption. Star brand reputation analysis can measure consumers’ relationships with brands of entertainers, singers, trot singers, drama actors, movie stars, boy groups, girl groups, and athletes; positive and negative evaluations; media interest; consumers’ interest; and communication volume.

Source: Bluekorea

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