Bang Jae Min rejected casting offers from both SM and YG

A participant in Mnet’s ”
High School Rapper” is known to have rejected offers by YG and SM, which are major entertainment agencies.

The main character here is Bang Jae Min. Not only is he a warm-hearted person, but he also proves to be a mature boy. In an interview, he mentioned casting proposals and the reasons for his refusal.

Bang Jae Min has already been offered a cast by YG Entertainment before participating in “High School Rapper 2”. SM Entertainment’s casting offer came after the show was broadcast, so what was the reason for his refusals?

Bang Jae Min said he had only one goal. “It is because I want to become an “artist” who plays music rather than an idol,” he said. “I think I would still have refused them again even if I had come back to that situation.”

Bang Jae Min is a participant who appeared in both “High School Rapper 1” and “High School Rapper 2” . Unlike his boyish image, he has become the talk of the town with charismatic wrapping skills.

Source: Dispatch

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