Bailey Sok, a 17-year-old dancer with 14 years of experience, created aespa’s Savage choreography

This dancer also attracted attention for choreographing Red Velvet’s Psycho when she was only 15 years old.

Recently, fans discovered that one of the dancers who made the choreography for aespa‘s new hit is Bailey Sok – a talented dancer who is only 17 years old. Key segments in Savage including pre-chorus, chorus, dance break, killing parts, were all created by this 2004-born girl.

Segments choreographed by Bailey Sok for Savage – aespa
Bailey Sok
Bailey Sok
Some eye-catching choreography that Bailey Sok created for aespa
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Although only 17 years old, Bailey Sok has an amazing career. The female dancer started dancing at the age of 3; at the age of 7, she participated in America’s Got Talent season 9, so she has 14 years of experience. 

Bailey Sok

​​Bailey Sok is a Korean-American who is well-known for her amazing dancing videos on YouTube. Her Instagram account has over 2 million followers, and her skilled dancing practice videos have received hundreds of thousands of views.

Bailey Sok first collaborated with Kpop idols when she was 15 years old. Right at the first time she choreographed for a K-pop group, she was trusted by SM and took part in Red Velvet‘s Psycho project. She then worked twice with League of Legends to choreograph K/DA’s 2 songs, POP/STARS and DRUM GO DUM.

Source: K14

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