Baekhyun (EXO) asked for fans’ help at the midnight because he… didn’t know how to used Twitter

Even though he owned a Twitter account, Baekhyun hasn’t known how to use it yet and he needed his fans to guide him.

At the night of June 1st, Baekhyun (EXO) surprisingly announced a new Twitter account. From a long time ago till now, EXO members have only used Instagram as the only social networking to communicate with their fans.
It looks like Baekhyun is used to the simple and friendly interface of Instagram, so he was quite confused when moving to a more complicated social networking like Twitter. Baekhyun kept asking fans: “This…Do you just have to write like this?”, “My ID was something weird at first, it’s Baekhyun23843418…is it still like that?”, “Somebody helps me please, can I comment on this?”, “Everyone… it’s too hard it’s too difficult”, “Oh, you just have to click this!”, etc.

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Baekhyun needs his fans’ help to use Twitter

Thanks to EXO-Ls’ helpful guides, Baekhyun could (maybe) use the social media Twitter. After only almost one day, the number of followers on Baekhyun’s account has increased dramatically, there are about 552,000 followers on his account now.

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