“Is it hard to make alcohol?” Baek Jong-won makes traditional drink with BTS Jin… “Drunken Truth” to be released on Nov 12th

Baek Jong-won and BTS Jin meet through alcohol.

On Nov 11th, a video titled “Baek Jong-won with BTS Jin Drunken Truth TEASER” was uploaded on Baek Jong-won’s YouTube channel.

In the video, Jin called Baek Jong-won. Jin asked, “I’m drinking the alcohol you gave me. It’s delicious. Is it hard to make alcohol? Can I make it too?” Baek Jong-won agreed at once. Baek Jong-won said, “I’ll introduce you to the best master of our country.”

BTS Jin baek jong won

Jin was worried about making alcohol. Baek Jong-won encouraged Jin, “I also made it with my hands at first, and it was fun.” Jin said, “I called you because I was bored, but it looks like you’ll appear in my content.” Baek Jong-won was usually interested in saving traditional drink and local business districts. This project seems to be in a similar context.


The scene of Baek Jong-won and Jin meeting and making alcohol will be released for the first time on the YouTube channel “BANGTANTV” at 10 PM on Nov 12th.


Source: daum

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