BABYMONSTER: Unparalleled Global Attention Pre-Debut with 2.6 Million Subscribers and 400 Million Views 

YG’s new girl group BABYMONSTER is attracting huge attention worldwide even before their debut, indicating the birth of a global hot rookie.

BABYMONSTER, the girl group announced by YG Entertainment approximately seven years after BLACKPINK, revealed its first launch teaser on January 1st and completed various teasing contents and final member evaluations over the past five months. Finally, on May 12th, they confirmed their debut as a 7-member group.

Consisting of multinational members from Korea, Thailand, and Japan, BABYMONSTER is a team of seven members who have undergone professional training for the past four years, breaking through intense competition as YG trainees. They are gaining attention as all-rounders, excelling in vocals, rap, performance, and visuals.


In particular, the fact that they are the junior female group of BLACKPINK alone drew the expectations and interest of global K-pop fans. 

Despite being trainees who haven’t debuted yet, BABYMONSTER, like BLACKPINK, who is known as the “YouTube Queen,” has also proven their hot global interest by recording overwhelming numbers in terms of YouTube channel subscribers and cumulative views.

BABYMONSTER’s official YouTube channel, opened on December 28th last year, reached 1 million subscribers in about 52 days. With only introduction videos, live performances, and performance videos of the 7 members, BABYMONSTER easily surpassed 100 million cumulative views.

Furthermore, on May 7th, they surpassed 2 million subscribers in just 129 days, setting a new record for the shortest period among all K-pop girl groups. 

babymonster dream

Especially after the confirmation of the final members and the release of their pre-debut song “Dream,” the number of subscribers increased even more rapidly. As of May 28th, BABYMONSTER’s channel has recorded 2.76 million subscribers, and their content has accumulated over 400 million views.

Foreign media outlets are also paying attention to BABYMONSTER. Billboard selected BABYMONSTER as “K-pop artists to watch,” expecting them to bring a new wave to the K-pop genre. Additionally, pop star Charlie Puth praised Ahyeon’s cover of ‘Dangerously,’ saying “I loved it.”


As YG Entertainment has targeted the global market from the beginning and incorporated multinational members with diverse cultures and ever-changing charms, they have devoted a long time and effort to prepare for BABYMONSTER. 

The enthusiasm of global fans towards BABYMONSTER is already intense. They are expected to not only make an impact in the Korean music industry but also change the landscape of the global music market. That’s why expectations are rising for BABYMONSTER’s activities after their official debut.

Source: Daum. 

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