BABYMONSTER embroiled in controversies before debut: underage members bathroom vlog, comparison to Lisa

Despite being one of the most anticipated rookies, BABYMONSTER has faced controversies even before officially entering the K-pop scene. 

Underage members

Many 4th generation Kpop groups, such as IVE and NewJeans, have faced criticisms for debuting underage members, and BABYMONSTER is no exception. The group’s youngest member, Chiquita, was born in 2009, making her only 14 years old this year. Many believe that debuting at such a young age is inappropriate, as the early exposure to showbiz can significantly affect the idols’ physical and mental development.

Chiquita is only 14 years old this year

Bathroom vlog

YG’s production team has faced criticism for filming BABYMONSTER members washing stuffed animals in the bathroom. Although the vlog did not contain any inappropriate scenes, many audiences believe that choosing footage from the bathroom is already concerning enough. 

At the same time, various fans emphasize the fact that Asa, born in 2006, is a minor and yet was placed in an inappropriate filming environment. Additionally, some images in the clip appear to be recorded by a camera mounted on the wall, facing the bathtub and shower head, raising concerns that BABYMONSTER is being monitored in the bathroom constantly. 

Scenes of BABYMONSTER members in the bathroom arouses concern

Compared to BLACKPINK Lisa 

In BABYMONSTER’s show, YG general producer Yang Hyun Suk can be seen the skills of member Chiquita. This alone wouldn’t be an issue, however, he went on to compare Chiquita to Lisa. Following Yang Hyun Suk’s statement, many fans of Lisa expressed their discontent and criticized Yang Hyun Suk for bringing up their idol in unrelated contents..

Yang Hyun Suk receives criticism for comparing Chiquita to Lisa

Controversial performance video

Earlier this year, the 5 members of BABYMONSTER appeared in a dance practice video for Young Money’s song “Senile”, where they performed a choreography by famous dancer Lee Jung. However, the video was not well-received by the public, with many people complaining about the outdated style, the ill-fitted choreography, and some even comparing BABYMONSTER to other rookies. 

BABYMONSTER’s dance video receive mixed opinions 

Member elimination

BABYMONSTER was expected to debut with seven members, but Yang Hyun Suk announced that some members would be eliminated through the “Last Evaluation”, sparking outrage among many. According to fans, the members have already been introduced and received some support, and it’d be unfair to eliminate any of them. 

On the other hand, however, many believe Yang Hyun Suk’s announcement is just a publicity stunt and hope that all seven members will still debut together.

BABYMONSTER members face elimination risk

Source: k14

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