B.I’s apology after hearing the prosecutor’s punishment: “I will never make this foolish mistake ever again.”

During the first trial of B.I’s allegation of using drugs, the prosecutor demanded a punishment of 3 years in prison and a fine of 1.5 million won for B.I.

In the last statement, B.I said:

 “I did make a foolish mistake in the past. I was young and naive. This thing hurt my family. For a time, I did have a thought that I didn’t want to live anymore. However, through these issues, I want to make this as a chance to look back on everything I did.

I will never make this foolish mistake ever again. From now on, I will reflect on myself because I want to protect my precious people.”

B.I’s lawyer also said: “B.I acknowledged his fault and he deeply regretted causing such a disturbance as a public figure. B.I has no criminal or civil record before and he has also done many community services and donations since he debuted as a singer. The profit from his recent album release was also a part of a donation project.”

B.I’s father also appeared at the trial; he stepped up for his son and gave his statement: “I should have educated my son better. It was also my fault. Therefore, I will blame myself for my son’s wrongdoing and take good care of my family till the end.”

Meanwhile, B.I’s representative is going to submit their appeal for the next trial.  

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