B.I to leave iKON and terminate his contract with YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment has announced the termination of its exclusive contract with iKON’s B.I.

YG Entertainment said in an official press release on June 12th: “We apologizes for disappointing the public with the problem our artist Kim Han-bin (B.I) has caused“. 

Kim Han-bin feels a heavy responsibility for the aftermath of the incident, he has taken the situation strictly and decided to withdraw from his team and terminate his exclusive contract,” the agency said.

The following is the full text of YG Entertainment’s official announcement. 

This is YG Entertainment.

We apologize to all who have been disappointed by YG artist Kim Han-bin’s problems.

Kim Han-bin feels a heavy responsibility for the aftermath. He has taken it seriously and decided to withdraw from the team and terminate his contract.

YG is fully aware of its management responsibility for its artists.

We, once again, sincerely apologize for the trouble we’ve caused you.

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