B.I expresses his feelings about returning as a soloist

B.I, formerly iKON member, has released his first full album today (June 1st). He’s starting his solo career after the drug controversy. 

On June 1st, B.I expressed his feelings on Instagram, mentioning two songs from his first solo album.

B.I will announce his first official comeback

First, B.I. writes down the title of “Then”, saying; “What am I supposed to say. People who supported me from afar or close, sincerely worried and comforted me when I was in difficult situations, and protected me so that I did not get hit by stones thrown at myself. Rather than just ambiguous love, I will keep my loyalty. Thanks to you, I felt like I wanted to take a step forward.”

He then mentioned “Re-Brith” and said, “I just missed you.”

B.I will release his first full album ‘Waterfall’ at 6 pm on the same day. This is his first album to be released after leaving iKON and breaking up with YG Entertainment due to the suspicion of B.I smoking marijuana. 

B.I was accused of purchasing and administering cannabis and LSD, a super-strong hallucinogen, in 2016, and admitted to the charges during a police investigation.

After that, he became the youngest CEO of IOK Company in September last year, and announced his return by establishing the 131 brand under IOK Company.  B.I has firmly laid the groundwork for his comeback by releasing a donation album.  He donated the proceeds to emergency relief children at home and abroad. B.I is about to start official solo activities starting with the release of this regular album.

Source: Nate

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