Audience’s different reactions to The Unit and MIXNINE after broadcasted for 1 month

Audience’s different reactions to The Unit and MIXNINE after broadcasted for 1 month: What are the reasons?

Despite the same start, the fates of these 2 shows are totally different due to the producers’ bad reputation as well as behavior toward the audience.

The current attractiveness of The Unit and MIXNINE is undeniable. Since their broadcast in the end of October, these 2 survival shows continuously competed each other for the attention from the audience. However, a month after broadcasted, these shows seemed to receive opposite responses due to their bad reputation and behavior toward the audience.

There was only 1-day away from Unit of KBS2’s broadcast to MIXNINE of JTBC’s broadcast. Since very first information was published, both of the show got a lot of attention due to their similarities. The Unit and MIXNINE are both survival shows, at some points, they all give those singers who already debuted a second chance to shine. Due to this important similarity, the audience kept comparing one show to the other since the first episodes.

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Based on opposite ideas about the candidates’ levels as well as qualification criteria, The Unit is considered as the temporary winner in this competition. Though at first, most of the audience and media seem to prefer MIXNINE, surprisingly, The Unit is the one who currently receives more positive responses.

Meanwhile, after broadcasted for 4 weeks, MIXNINE was and is being criticized seriously. Those comments from Yang Hyun Suk, the founder of YG Entertainment as well as the main judge of the show, has led to a number of arguments. Moreover, MIXNINE could not make the audience excited like what Produce 101 did before, though it had many similarities with the famous show of Mnet (the PD of MIXNINE is also the one contributing to the success of Produce 101 season 1).

The Unit’s rating was not very high, but there was still a significant increase in last week – up to 3.9% in 7th episode and 4.5% in 8th episode. On the other hand, MIXNINE has not passed over 1% and currently had some signs of falling down. Obviously, this is not a positive result for a well invested show like MIXNINE.

The experience of the audience in these two shows are different, too. To summarize the differences between The Unit and MIXNINE, an Internet user honestly shared that MIXNINE did not create a good atmosphere for those who came to join the show. The organization board did not provide the audience snacks or even let them take a break to use the restroom. In contrast, The Unit could do those things and the show even owned super friendly staff.

Moreover, among 900 audience who attended the show, MIXNINE did not provide voting machines for almost 500 people. Therefore, many audience could not vote right there. An angry netizen said: “They asked us to wait outside, and did not inform us about the delay of the show filming. I miss being an audience of The Unit, they gave us food and had a super caring staff”. Netizens also kept showing their disappointments with the YG’s survival show due to their unfair treatment between audience and candidates when it is said that the candidates of MIXNINE were arranged to stay in an expensive hotel.

In contrast to MIXNINE, the audience at The Unit show were given snacks and allowed to use the restrooms freely. The staff of The Unit also talked to the audience regularly and promptly informed them if there was anything that happened during the filming. When the filming ended later than estimated, the public transportations did not work anymore. The Unit even paid for the audience’s travel expense so that they could go home. Based on those comparisons, some fans said that they preferred watching The Unit to MIXNINE.
What do you think about the different reactions of the audience toward The Unit & MIXNINE?

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