Attractive on-stage moments of female K-pop idols that remain legendary (ft. HyunA, Joy, Winter, and more)

Which moment do you think is the hottest? 

The following female K-pop idols took fans’ breath away with their alluring aura and attractive charm during performances. 

red velvet joy - hyuna


Dubbed the “sexy queen” of K-pop, HyunA is often dressed in bold outfits that perfectly accentuate her sexy curves. HyunA recently heated up the atmosphere at Kyunghee University Festival by taking off her shirt to show off her fiery body. HyunA’s iconic look with black hair and red lips also added to the sexiness. 

HyunA was boldly wearing a bra on stage
She is also famous for her electrifying stage presence 

aespa’s Winter

Winter recently went viral after aespa’s performance at the music festival of Korea University. She appeared wearing a uniquely cut-out black outfit. With long wavy grey hair and a large red ribbon, Winter exuded both sexy and elegant charm on stage. 

aespa winter
Winter looked both attractive and sophisticated in this outfit
aespa winter
Winter dressed in a sexy concept created much buzz 

Red Velvet’s Joy

Joy is not nicknamed “Hot Joy” for nothing. One of her most iconic looks is when she wore a skin-tight double strap rainbow minidress during Red Velvet’s promotions for “Peek A Boo”. Joy’s incredibly stunning body was fully showcased thanks to this dress. Joy is said to be the Red Velvet member who suits the sexy concept the most, and it is just irrefutable. 

red velvet Joy
Joy’s iconic rainbow dress that was a hit back in 2017 
Joy is totally body goals


“Global It girl” Jennie is not only famous for her fashion style but also her unmatched aura. With her 90-square shoulders, tiny ant waist, perfect proportions, Jennie has one of the most outstanding body figures among 3rd generation female idols. Jennie’s outfits for “SOLO” stages were a trend. The tight-fitted strapless minidress with bold exposure remains the most legendary Jennie’s outfit during “SOLO” era. 

blackpink jennie
Jennie in this dress was the moment
blackpink jennie
Her stunning body took fans’ breath away 


Chungha’s styling team often gets praised for how the solo singer is dressed. No need for excessive body exposure, Chungha’s toned body still shines in outfits that emphasize her waist line. These outfits are also perfect for Chungha to dance in and help her show off eye-catching choreography. 

Chungha in a crop top
Fans love Chungha in a leather outfit 

Former (G)I-DLE’s Soojin

When she was still active in (G)I-DLE, Soojin was expected to be the next HyunA aka sexy symbol of K-pop. Not only does she have an enviable body, Soojin is also known for her intimidating aura and sexy charm that make it impossible to take eyes off her during performances. Soojin often looked best in outfits that showed off her slim waist and pretty shoulder line. 

Soojin’s iconic red outfit
Soojin’s visuals are one of a kind among female idols 
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