ATEEZ’s agency to take legal actions against invasion of the group’s privacy

Group ATEEZ has announced their strong position on privacy violation.

KQ Entertainment – ATEEZ’s management agency – said on the group’s official fancafe on Oct 29th, “We have informed you several times about fan club etiquette and prohibiting fans from visiting artists during their private schedules and in private spaces, but there are still cases of privacy violation through illegal activities.”


Then they emphasized, “Despite the restraints of the staff, extreme behaviors such as following artists to their private areas have obstructed the company’s business and caused artists to suffer psychological pain. In particular, we recently caught a situation in which someone had attached a location tracking device to artists’ work vehicles to collect information about their location illegally. We are requesting the competent police station to track down the culprits and punish these people without any agreement.”


They also added, “In the future, we will continue to take legal actions, including the existing blacklist system, for acts that invade artists’ privacy, and we will exclude these people from all fan-participation events and activities without prior notice.”

Meanwhile, ATEEZ has been promoting their 7th mini album “Zero: Fever Part. 3” since September. 

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