ASTRO’s performance at “The Fact Music Awards” was criticized for plagiarising a stage of ‘ARASHI’

ASTRO Moonbin’s stage at ‘2021 The Fact Music Awards’ caused controversy over copying a stage of Satoshi Ohno from ARASHI, a Japanese group.

At the ‘2021 The Fact Music Awards’ held on October 2, ASTRO won the Bonsang Artist of the Year award. While fans poured out congratulations to ASTRO, who had achieved great results this year, the performance of Moonbin received criticism for plagiarising.

astro moonbin

Moonbin drew much of the attention with his “Puppet” performance in which he acted as if his dances were controlled by the hands on the screen behind him.

However, Satoshi Ohno, leader of the famous Japanese group ARASHI, once performed a similar stage at their concert “2017-2018 live tour ‘Untitled’”.

At that time, Satoshi Ohno also moved his body according to the movements of the hands in the video shown behind the stage. The only different thing was their clothes and Moonbin’s hands were tied with strings.

After seeing Moonbin’s performance, netizens got angry and commented, “To be honest, the 2 stages look similar”, “Did they think no one would find out the similarity?”, “This is so embarrassing.” Some people even gave harsh criticisms, such as, “Are you trying to copy a Japanese group?”, “So embarrassing”, “This is a disgrace to our country”

The rage of the public is getting stronger; however, neither ASTRO nor the production team of “2021 The Fact Music Awards” have yet made any official statement.

Source: Insight

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