Artists were treated disrespectfully at MAMA 2020

Fans were angry when the singer gave impressive performances but was treated unfairly.  They weren’t even paid at the MAMA awards ceremony.

Mnet Asian Music Awards – MAMA 2020 is the music awards ceremony, aiming to honor singers with outstanding achievements in the year.  Making the show a success is the cast of singers with impressive performances.  Also thanks to the strong fan base of the singers, MAMA earns a lot of money after each event.

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However, after the MAMA awards ceremony was held on December 6, a series of articles denounced the organizers for treating idols badly even though they are the main characters.  They even had to entertain the actors at the party held after the show ended.


Through a conversation with Dispatch, an anonymous representative from a management company said that most Kpop idols do not have waiting rooms or costume rooms.  They have to wait in the car in the parking lot.  Only two idol groups have a suitable waiting room.  People waiting in vehicles must have to use the outdoor toilet 

Meanwhile, each actor had his own private lounge, well-lit, necessary utensils, and snacks.  Many idols even rent their rooms to rest during the many hours of waiting.

The organizers served the food but kept it outside of the actor’s lounge or the building’s cafeteria.  Therefore, most idols decided to eat in their car.  They ordered their burgers and bento boxes instead of eating the food provided by the organizers.  The source revealed to Dispatch that no idols use the food service provided.

The source added: “Most idols were very tired of having to sit in the car for a long time. Therefore, some people have rented hotel rooms to wait.”  “We only found out that the organizers are catering to food when looking at the photos uploaded by the actors,” this person talked to Dispatch.

Explaining the difference between singers and actors, a source from MAMA 2020 shared with No Cut News on December 8, “We are a music show, so there is absolutely no reason to treat us.  Good to the singers ”.  According to the source, the singer had to wait in their cars to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Also, the venue for the ceremony is under construction, so only two buildings can be used.  The source continued to say that the singers had pre-recorded the performance and did not need a rehearsal.  “On the other hand, the actor has not been to the venue for the award ceremony before.  So they have to practice and get used to the script.  Furthermore, the number of actors is less, so we can comply with regulations on prevention “.

However, the above explanation did not satisfy the public.  They thought that a big awards ceremony like MAMA needs to be more carefully prepared, and singers are the main character of the ceremony.


According to the source revealed to Dispatch, the singer not only cannot stay in the waiting room but also suffers many other disadvantages.  During the years MAMA took place in Hong Kong, the production unit held a luxury party at a top hotel.  However, most Kpop idols are not invited to the party.  Kpop idols all flew back to Korea right after the main ceremony ended.  Many of them lose sleep to prepare for the schedule of performances at the year-end music events.

Dispatch emphasized that many of the actors who attended MAMA were personally invited by the vice president of CJ ENM, Lee Mi Kyung.  According to insiders, the party after MAMA is an event where actors, especially female artists will establish and maintain relationships with high-up officials of CJ ENM.  Ordinary staff including celebrity managers, newspapers are prohibited from participating in the party.

Kpop artists who attend the party are often asked to perform for the crowd.  Big Bang is known to have done the same thing.

Fans consider the Mnet Asian Music Awards as the “money-making machine” of CJ ENM.  During the 2019 MAMA awards ceremony, fans of Kpop artists paid 238,670 won (about 220 USD) for a seat at Nagoya Dome in Japan.  They had to pay an additional 54,630 won (about 50 USD) if they wanted to see the red carpet event.  All 30,000 tickets to attend MAMA 2019 were sold out, bringing CJ ENM about 6.6 million USD.

However, Kpop artists performing at the MAMA awards ceremony did not receive any payments (except for airline tickets and room fees) for their appearance.  Some people in the entertainment industry have criticized the fact that MAMA makes profits from selling tickets but does not pay the singers, while they have to practice day and night for the show.

Every year MAMA is controversial.  But the event of 2020 is the peak of public outrage.  Under the Dispatch’s post, many comments criticizing MAMA even requested that this event be stopped.

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