TREASURE is a boy group under YG Entertainment. YG’s original plan was to debut the winning trainees of the survival show, Treasure Box, in 2 separate groups: TREASURE and MAGNUM, and have one main combined group TREASURE 13. On the finale episode, which aired on January 18, 2019, the first 4 members had been announced: Haruto, Junkyu, Junghwan, and Yedam. Later that month, the remaining 3 members were announced: Jeongwoo, Jaehyuk, and Hyunsuk. These 7 members were going to be called TREASURE. Around late January / early February of 2019, MAGNUM’s members were announced: Mashiho, Yoonbin, Doyoung, Yoshinori, Jihoon, and Asahi. The goal of having 2 smaller groups was to be able to showcase individual members more and ease the management of a larger group as well as line distribution issues.

TREASURE 13’s debut plan in July has been canceled.

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