22 hours ago

    RM: “BTS’s success is made possible by many people. Thinking about that keeps us humble”

    RM expressed his gratitude during a press conference.
    17 hours ago

    A celebrity who has been handsome (and still is) ever since he was still a baby

    V, a member of BTS (BTS), is a celebrity who has been known to be  handsome since he was a…
    22 hours ago

    BTS believed to throw shade on anti-fans who once accused them of plagiarising BIGBANG’s stage design

    At BTS’s recent concert, netizens think that the group deliberately got back at those who accused them of copying BIGBANG's…
    8 hours ago

    North Korean soldier arrested for dancing to South Korean idol group BTS

    A North Korean soldier who performed a dance by BTS was reportedly arrested.
    7 hours ago

    BTS’s reaction to BLACKPINK’s stage in 2018: Jungkook sang along, V memorized the dance

    It seems that BTS’s maknae-line are fans of BLACKPINK.
    8 hours ago

    A leaked video secretly recording the semi-nude moment of a BTS member sparked a heated controversy

    This video became a hot topic on Twitter with many fiercely controversial opinions.
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