Arin after finishing her first drama “Alchemy of Souls”, “I want to act as a member of Oh My Girl for 10 years more”

Actress and Oh My Girl member Arin released a new photoshoot.

Arin showed off her beauty through new pictorials with the Spring vibe. She perfectly digested colorful concepts.

Arin Oh my girl

Jin Cho Yeon of “Alchemy of Souls” and actress Arin

Arin transformed herself into an actress with her appearance in the drama “Alchemy of Souls” Seasons 1 and 2. 

When asked how she felt about completing her first drama, Arin said, “I had so much fun watching the drama until it ended recently. I can’t believe it’s over. I think this work is very special because it was my first work and I was able to work on it for a long time.”

Regarding the experiences she gained through “Alchemy of Souls”, Arin explained, “I learned many things… like how to analyze characters, the attitude I should keep when acting, and how to treat my colleagues”.

Arin Oh my girl

Confidence raised 9 years since debut

It’s been 9 years since she debuted as a member of Oh My Girl. Arin said she felt that the atmosphere seemed to have changed at some point.

Arin said, “I feel something different now. The more I perform, the more I get immersed in showing myself. Only then can I enjoy the stage”.

She continued, “Before, I used to think ‘I want to look like some seniors’ or ‘I want to be like someone’, but now I think it’s better to hear others say ‘Looks like Arin has her own atmosphere’, ‘Arin has her own color and uniqueness’”, expressing her confidence.

Arin Oh my girl

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