“Are you tired of the modifier ‘K’?” BTS RM’s impressive answer to a foreign media outlet’s question

On March 12th (local time), Spanish media outlet El País reported their interview with RM.

The media outlet asked RM about Korean culture’s characteristics as well as mentioned K-pop’s images of youth, perfection and worship.

bts rm

RM said, “Korea is a country that has been invaded, devastated and divided into two. There was nothing 70 years ago. We had to get help from the IMF and the UN. But now the whole world is paying attention to Korea.

He continued, “How is that possible? Because people are working really hard to improve themselves.

RM shared, “That’s how you get things done. It’s part of what makes K-pop attractive.

He also talked about his first solo album “Indigo”, which is composed of various genres, “R&B, Hyperpop, Jersey Club, UK Drill, Chicago Drill, K-Pop. They don’t mean anything. Music puts people in a certain mood.

bts rm

On this day, RM was asked if he was tired of the modifier “K”, which means “Korea”.

In this regard, RM replied, “You can get tired of Spotify calling us all K-pop, but it works very well for us. It’s like a premium label. It’s the guarantee of quality that our ancestors struggled to obtain.

After seeing RM’s wise answers, many netizens responded, “He’s indeed a leader“, “I think he answered really smartly“…

Source: Insight

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