Are they really dating? When the dating rumor broke out, these two actors gave an unexpected answer

How Song Hye-kyo and Kang Dong-won reacted to their dating rumors is interesting and unexpected.

Kang Dong-won and Song Hye-kyo worked together as a couple in director Lee Jae-yong’s 2014 work, “Pit-a-pat My Life.” It is a beautiful drama about a young couple who became parents too early and raised a son with congenital senility who ages faster than others.

My Palpitating Life

-The audience can’t help but be interested in the main couple because they appeared in the drama with such perfect visuals. Besides, they even played as husband and wife, so…

– Interestingly, however, they had already worked together in the short film “Love for Sale” directed by Jang Jun-hwan in 2010 (one of the episodes of the omnibus drama “Camelia”) and an unintended romance rumor of them was already mentioned during the promotion of that work. Four years later, the two actors met again, which was an interesting situation. As a result, rumors of their romantic relationship resurfaced.

My Palpitating Life

-In response, Song Hye-kyo said in an interview with “Pit-a-pat My Life” that they really enjoyed and even laughed together whenever they saw a dating rumor article during the filming of “Love for Sale.” Naturally, she denied the rumors and said that they were only close friends.

My Palpitating Life

”Thanks to you, I was able to naturally portray the couple acting chemistry during the filming of “Pit-a-pat My Life.” After all, they are very close friends.

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