April’s Jinsol causes controversy when covering Jungkook’s Euphoria

Jinsol covered Euphoria by Jungkook (BTS) but could not convince the Korean netizens.  The audience turned their backs on her because of the bullying scandal.

Recently, April (Lee Naeun’s group) was accused of bullying former member Hyunjoo, causing her to commit suicide and had to leave the group.  The controversy has not been clarified, but the public has turned away and criticized APRIL.  The group is severely negatively affected and it is difficult to continue working, especially since they have never had outstanding achievements since their debut up to now.

In the meantime, someone expressed regret for Jinsol’s talent – APRIL’s maknae a.k.a lead vocalist.  This netizen dug back the video of the female idol covering Euphoria – BTS Jungkook’s solo song in the album Love Yourself: Answer.  Although they claim that idols need a good personality rather than skill, they still feel that Hyunjoo’s talent has been wasted because of the bullying scandal.

I thought the video of Jinsol covering the song Euphoria would impress the Korean online community, but the female idol did not receive a positive response as expected.  The majority of netizens believe that the maknae of APRIL’s singing skills are at an average level.  Few people praise her but also think that this cannot erase the bad impression after the bullying controversy.  Someone even commented that the original by Jungkook is 100 times better.

Netizens comment:

  1. But there are a lot of idols who sing better than Jinsol

2. This is my first time hearing Jinsol sing, but she sings well. To be honest, I was surprised, but it all ends here

3. The original song is 100 times better than her cover

4. Jinsol doesn’t have enough talent to overshadow her personality. Let’s all listen to the original song…

5. The original song is much better

6. You said she wasted her talent, so I thought she sang as well as Park Hyo Shin. But her singing skills are just average

7. I listened to the original song, so her cover is bad

8. Whether Jinsol’s talented or not, I don’t want to see her anymore

9. It’s not bad, but I think there are a lot of idols who sing better than her

10. Euphoria’s original is the best, so this cover has no inspiration.

Source: knetizen

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