Appearing on the same shows, aespa attracts much more attention than ITZY

Although aespa just debuted last year, now SM rookie not only catches up with senior ITZY but also surpasses them?

Since they’re the two groups representing the fourth generation of the two top companies, SM and JYP, aespa and ITZY are frequently compared. When two groups make a comeback at the same time, it gave the audience even more reason to compare them, especially when they both have the chance to appear on the same show.

Last week, aespa and ITZY clashed at two music shows, M!Countdown and Music Core. In both of these shows, aespa drew the audience’s attention more than ITZY; moreover, every video of the SM girls has an astounding number of views, even ten times that of their seniors!

On Music Core, ITZY only reached 118K views but aespa soon surpassed it, reaching 637K views
The official video stage of aespa reached 1,1M views while ITZY only reached 185,000 views.
The individual fancams of aespa members have also reached hundreds of thousands of views, much more than ITZY members’
At M!Countdown, aespa even reached a bigger number with 1.6M views, 3 times higher than ITZY’s 524K views.
With the fancam video, aespa is even further ahead of their seniors with 2.38 million views
And ITZY only got 238k views

The reason for aespa’s overwhelming victory is that, in addition to the group’s inherent charm and strong public support for the song Savage, their song is also at the peak of popularity. Meanwhile, ITZY is already in their fourth week of promotions so they can’t maintain their attraction. aespa has beat ITZY in this competition thanks to a slew of advantages.


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