Apparently (G)-IDLE is not copying BLACKPINK like how the BLINKs thought

Because of the misunderstanding headline, netizens assumed that (G)-IDLE intended to copy BLACKPINK

In the past few days, both BLACKPINK and (G)-IDLE’s fan communities had an intense argument on social media as (G)-IDLE’s upcoming single’s name was “Whistle”


It all started when CUBE wrote a misunderstanding status on (G)-IDLE’s official twitter account, saying “Whistle Teaser” along with a short video of the girls’ teaser for their upcoming album, making the fans believe that it was the actual name of the song. The majority of BLINKs thought that (G)-IDLE was trying to copy BLACKPINK from their style to their music, and they didn’t even hesitate to throw a tantrum at the CUBE’s girls.

However, on August 7th, CUBE announced that (G)-IDLE’s comeback song would be “HANN”. After the announcement, many fans claimed that CUBE’s status the other day was to gain netizens’ attention for the girls’ comeback. “HANN” is a digital single that is planned to be released on August 14th and the song is said to be in production right after the promotion for “LATATA”.
In this comeback, the titled song is written by Soyeon. It is a song that she puts her heart and soul into and she worked very hard in order to prepare for this comeback in hopes for fans’ anticipation and support for them to shine on stage.

(G)-IDLE is probably the new girl group with most potential in 2018. If their upcoming song can create a positive vibe like how “LATATA” did, the rookie award will likely belong to them.

Are you looking forward to (G)-IDLE’s comeback?

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