Apink gathered to celebrate Yoon Bomi’s birthday without Son Naeun

The group Apink showed their unwavering friendship via Instagram. But where is Son Naeun?

On the 13th, Apink‘s Instagram account posted a group photo of Apink. Apink wrote, “Apink now. Happy birthday and the 10th anniversary of our Pink. We are happily filming a new profile shooting. Please look forward to it. Once again, happy Bbom Day.

In the picture, Yoon Bo Mi is smizing, with a cake in her hand. Jung Eun Ji, Oh Ha Young, Park Cho Rong, and Kim Nam Joo are beaming as they congratulate Yoon Bomi.

Apink members all showed off their beautiful looks, drawing attention. However, it is regrettable to see no sign of Son Naeun.

Meanwhile, Apink debuted in 2011 and is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

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