Opposite to Kwon Min-ah’s happy appearance, Seolhyun posted a negative post, “I really hate human”

Seol-hyun, a member of the group AOA, posted a meaningful message on SNS.

On January 15, Seol-hyun posted a photo of some book pages on her personal SNS without any captions.

AOA Seolhyun Instagram

On the page Seolhyun captured, the writer said, “I really hate humans. I’m sick of them. But I’m also a human being,” “In the end, I guess I’m just a human being who has no choice but to live among humans,” and “I hate humans more than anyone else, but I’m struggling because I want to be recognized and loved by humans. I guess it’s because I’m still young.”

AOA Seolhyun Instagram

Internet users are worried about Seolhyun’s negative post, which contradicts Jimin returning to SNS after leaving AOA due to controversies and Kwon Min-ah sharing her happy daily life moments. (edited) 

Opposite to Kwon Min-ah's happy appearance, Seolhyun posted a negative post, "I really hate human"

It raises questions about what Seol-hyun is implying. Meanwhile, Seol-hyun will appear as Do Ah-hee in tvN’s new drama “Murderer’s Shopping List” (literal translation). “Murder’s Shopping List” is a comic mystery drama that takes place when a mysterious body is found near an apartment on the outskirts of Seoul.

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