“As thin as a needle”, AOA Jimin’s situation after the health controversy

The latest update of AOA Jimin has been posted recently.

Jimin posted the photo on her Instagram on the 19th along with the caption “Today’s feeling”.

The uploaded photo shows Jimin showing off various poses which an eye-catching humorous expression.

Although Jimin has recently been mired in rumors of having health problems affecting her body weight, the agency has dismissed the controversy, saying, “There is nothing wrong with her health”.

However, in the comment section, the public are still mostly worrying about her weight:

  • “Try to eat more, please. It’s hard for me to see you like this too”
  • “She’s starting to become Sulli”
  • “Isn’t this some kind of cancer patient…?”
  • “She looked so pretty back then, why does she look like this now?”
  • “She looks like a patient”
  • “Maybe it’s because she has been keeping herself on a diet and now she can’t eat anymore (eating disorder)…seems hurtful”
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