Anupam Tripathi, who played Ali in “Squid Game”, is from the highest-ranked class of the traditional Indian society

Actor Anupam Tripathi (34 years old), who starred in Netflix’s “Squid Game”, has drawn great attention as he is revealed to come from India’s ‘brahman’ class.

Anupam played the role of Abdul Ali, a migrant worker who came to Korea with a Korean Dream. However, after receiving no salary and had an accident at the factory, he was pushed into a tight spot.

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Born in New Delhi, India, Anupam began to develop his dream of becoming an actor in 2006. As he wanted to study more about acting, he prepared for his abroad study after a friend informed him of the national scholarship system of the Korea National University of Arts. Anupam came to Korea in 2010 and entered this university the following year.

In particular, Anupam is known to be a “Brahman (priest)”, the highest-ranked class among Indian castes. Because of this fact, netizens responded with explosive reactions, such as, “Wow…it’s amazing that he graduated from the Korea National University of Arts, but the fact that he’s from the Brahman class is even more shocking”, “I hope you will be more successful in the future!”, “What an unexpected fact”

played Ali in Squid Game

Meanwhile, Anupam debuted in the movie “Ode to My Father” in 2014. Since then, he has made his name known by appearing in various Korean movies, such as “Asura: City Of Madness”, “Luck-Key”, and “Space Sweepers”.

Sources: dispatch

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